Q. Can I list a property if I don't have my real estate license?

A. No, unfortunately this site is for licensed real estate agents only. If you would like to hire an agent please check out our agent directory page

Q. My property is not showing up correctly on the map?

A.  Please make sure to add the correct full address.  In order for it to show correctly on the map you will need to select the address from the drop down menu that will populate when  you start typing the address.

Q. My company has dozens of listings can I add them all?

A.  Yes,  feel free to add as many properties as you like.

Q. Are there listings in the entire state of Maine?

A.  This site is open to all Maine real estate agents. However, the current supply of rentals in any given area vary so you may find that there are no rentals in many towns.

Q. What types of rentals do you list on your site?

A.  We have a variety of different types of rental properties including long term, short term, furnished, vacation etc….

Q. Do the membership's expire?

A.  The renter membership is a 30 day membership which will renew if you don’t want to cancel.  Both of the Agent membership’s never expire but may be cancelled at any time.

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A.  Log into your account dashboard and you may cancel your account on this page.

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